How we work...   Soulmates in life & partners business, we do this full time and have met the most wonderful people along the way.   We live in St Neots and shoot weddings from Cambridgeshire to Cornwall and beyond.

   Our approach is super relaxed and completely unobtrusive....capturing images and footage that really tell the story of the two of you and your wedding, with all the people you love, as it really happens!




Why we love what we do.... Being able to document peoples lives, whether its for a Day in the Life of session, or for a Wedding, is a huge honour.  As two self confessed sentimental saps, we take a huge amount of pride in being able to capture real life, telling stories of the people we spend our time with on the biggest day of their life. 

And as for our love for weddings....There's no other day quite like a wedding!  Big, overwhelming moments.....little, tiny passing non the less important moments.....happy tears, jittery nerves, bursts of excitement, speeches that make you howl with laughter and speeches that shock your Nan (we've heard them all!) 

A little bit about us.....


Photographer. Creative Editor. Wedding Oracle



Hayley is the lead photographer and after shooting 125+ weddings she's often been referred to as a "Photography Ninja".  She's everywhere & nowhere all at once! Creating natural and beautiful images that tell a story in a journalistic style is what she does best.    


Cornwall // Gin // Tattoos // Elephants 

Fur babies // Gigs //  Disney // Exploring

Mummy // Thai // Tim Burton // Sparkle Monster

Vinyl collector //  Plant babies // Purple hair

Theatre // Lizards // Tacos // Mini's 

Marvel // DC // Last Man on Earth 

Fish n Chips on the beach // Parks & Rec

Nightmare Before Christmas // Poetry


Muse, Summer 2019

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

                                                                 - Dr Suess

Gigs....How we spend our pocket money!


Videographer. Photography Side Kick. Tech Wizard



If you add a Highlights Video to your package, then Craig is the one who makes magic with film.  When he's not shooting weddings he does lots (ok...all) the behind the scenes techie stuff.  Those cool little slideshows put to music with all the best bits from a wedding day? That's him too!


Snowboarding  //  Hogwarts            Chef Extraordinaire // Daddy 

Grower of Plants // Motorbikes Travelling // Thai food 

Gun n' Roses // House Music PlayStation// Board Games 

Warhammer //  JCW Mini

Giraffes // Ale

You..... Enough about us!! We'd much rather be talking about you two - how you met, where you're getting married and how those wedding plans are coming along.   


If you like our style and think we might be a good fit, then get in touch to discuss your plans, we'd love to hear from you!



Hayley & Craig x